How to Become a Lifestyle Coach, 2011 
Space for Change: Time Planning for a Better, Happier Life, 2010 
Change for the Better 
Weaving Your Best Life, 2009 
Creating a Fitness "Family", 2009 
From Mobile to Mobility, 2008 
Fine-tuning Your Business, 2008 
Professionalizing In-home Personal Trainers, 2008 
Managing Your Money Before It Manages You, 2008 
Weathering an Economic Downturn, 2008 
Becoming a Master Personal Trainer & Coach, 2007 
Think Like an Athlete, 2007 
Develop Yourself, 2007 
Reap What you Sow, 2007
A Guide to Lifestyle Coaching, 2005
From the Ground Up, 2004
Getting to the Core of Your Identity, 2006 
Set Yourself Free, 2006 
Coping with Change, 2006
Surviving a Job Termination, 2005
Capitalizing on a Reduced Schedule, 2004
Staying Centered During the Holidays, 2004

A five-part business series:
Breathe New Life Into Your Business, 2004
Molding a Mighty Mission, 2004
Extreme Attitude Makeover, 2004
Crawl Out of Your Comfort Zone, 2005
Face Your Finances, 2005

A five-part business series:
Creating Effective Systems, 2005
Operation Organization, 2005
Wanted: Experienced Business/Life Manager, 2006
Proactive & Purposeful Client Management, 2006
Keeping the Fires Burning, 2006

A five-part series for life/wellness coaches:
Carving Out Your Coaching Niche, 2007 
Creating Your Coaching Lesson Plan, 2007 
Organizing the Client's First Experience, 2007 
Choosing Effective Materials & Tools, 2008 
Guiding Client Progress, 2008 

A five-part Series for PT's and Coaches:
The Business Edge: Finding & Maintaining Your Edge, 2010 
Successful Scheduling & Time Planning, 2010 
Record Keeping, 2010 
Client Adherence, 2011 
Business Development & Marketing, 2011 

A five-part series for Personal Trainers
Starting from Scratch, 2011 
Starting from Scratch: Creating an Identity, 2011 
Starting from Scratch: Defining Your Work Schedule & Financial Needs, 2011 
Starting from Scratch: 10 Steps to Making Your Business Official, 2012 
Starting from Scratch: Promoting Your In-home Business, 2012

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