Kay was an aspiring artist until she graduated high school and went to college to pursue a Master's Degree in Education. Before she completed her degree, she pursued another dream: starting a fitness business. She started a personal training business that spanned an incredibly successful 31 years. In 2016 she came back to art and returned to painting in her favorite medium: watercolor. She is also a dreamer that logs her dreams, listens to her spirit, and follows her heart.

art & travel

Watercolor Artist, dreamer,traveller

Kay's Mission


To become the best watercolor artist she can, creating her own style and forever learning and honing her skills.

To travel with her husband and see everything she wants to see, especially natural beauty.

To inspire others to pay attention to their dreams, listen to their soul, follow the spirit's leadings and live a life that is whole, full, joyful and fun.