Kay Cross

Her Story

Kay was an aspiring artist until she graduated from high school and went to college to pursue a Master's Degree in Education. Before she completed her degree, she pursued another dream: fitness. She started her own personal training business that then spanned an incredibly successful 31 years. In 2016, she returned to art and began painting in her favorite medium: watercolor. Kay is a dreamer that logs her dreams, listens to her spirit, and follows her heart. Those dreams have led her back to what she really loves. Her best advice to those burned out, weary and lost, is to follow your dreams. Get back to your passion.

Her Mission

Kay is full of energy and fire. Her goal is to inspire others to pay attention to their dreams, listen to their soul, and follow God's guidance. She desires to share her own rich, colorful, dramatic watercolor paintings to inspire others. 

Kay is currently in the planning and creating stages of her first Paintings & Dreams workshop/retreat for 2020/2021 in which she will combine several hours of painting instruction per day with some evening sessions on logging your dreams, following your intuition, and recreating a life that inspires you. She wants to teach other watercolor artists how to paint vibrant, dramatic pieces and create a life that is fulfilling and taps into their passion and who they are as an individual. Updates will be posted as soon as plans are finalized.

She wants to share her joy, fire and beauty with those seeking beautiful art to inspire their home or office. Her art can be seen on her art website www.kaycrossart.com by clicking here.