Dig deep enough to find yourself.© 

Kay Cross: Art and Artist, Life Coach


Welcome to Cross Coaching & Wellness, created in 1988. Kay is a professional artist and life coach. Kay's mission is to assist people with life integration: the balance and development of mind, body and spirit. If you feel you have lost your way and don't recognize yourself in the mirror anymore, its time to do a little digging and unearth your spirit and passions. That requires some quiet, reflection, time and exploration. 

Kay believes in honoring your "self", finding your super power and abilities and letting that light shine. She believes that all of us are here for our own unique purpose and journey in life and she supports and teaches: defining yourself, finding your power, and finding your own voice. She understands that we are not here as merely a sacrifice and servant to others, we are here to develop our gifts and talents and to be empowered, set free, and feel whole again (or feel whole for the first time!). 

What are your real dreams? What are you chasing and why? Settling for less than your heart desires creates a life of boredom and sheer misery. Kay challenges you to go for what you really want. Be courageous, take the next step, create that life that you will look back on and say, "Yes, that was awesome! All the risks I took were worth it, I followed my spirit and heart and would do it all over again."